Last Minute New Years Eve Party

Throwing together a last minute New Years Eve party? I’ve got you covered!

I’ve put together a list of “to-do’s” before this great party of yours.

  1. Figure out the alcohol situation. Make sure to let everyone know if it is BYOB or not. If you plan on providing the drinks, make sure to count out your guests and buy according to that. If you are wine drinkers, I suggest the box wine with the pouring spout. It is cheaper and easier for people to pour for themselves. In my opinion, even if you choose BYOB, the host should provide the champagne for the celebration at midnight!
  2. Food. Food. Food. Is this a dinner party? Or after-dinner party? Even if it is an after dinner party, it is nice to have some snacks for your guests to munch on. Make sure to make a list before you head to the grocery store, to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting and you don’t forget anything. Some ideas for snacks:
    – bowls of chips (and dip if you’d like)
    – fruit platter
    – cheese and cracker platter
    – cupcakes
    – veggie platter
    – bought appetizers you can pop in the oven
    – a sweet table if you want to get fancy
    – non-alcoholic drinks
    – pizza! (tip: order a party size rectangle pizza and ask them not to cut it. Then, cut it yourself into smaller appetizer size pieces. This will make it easier for guests to eat, plus it will seem like there is much more pizza than there really is).
  3. Decoration. This doesn’t have to be the fanciest decor out there, but putting something together can give the party a good vibe. I recommend choosing a colour theme first. New Years Eve is typically black, gold and silver. So these will probably be easiest to find around this time. You can look at any party store near you, and many dollar stores carry cute cheap decor. Don’t forget:
    – plastic cutlery, to save you from doing dishes
    – plastic cups
    – plastic cups for the champagne
    – plastic plates
    – a table cloth you can throw out at the end
    – napkins
    – plastic shot glasses
    – balloons (to make it look festive)
    – use those Christmas lights! Hang them around the room, or on the staircase if there’s one around.
    – make sure you have enough platters to serve all the food on
    – garbage bags for when you clean up
  4. Music. Make a great playlist that you know will get the party going. It would be best through a bluetooth speaker, so you can use your phone. If you don’t have one, ask your friends. There is sure to be someone who owns one.
    P.S if you’re a 90’s kid, make sure to add Backstreet Boys and Britney Spear on that list, that will definitely get everyone going. And your last minute party is set! These are minimal things to remember in the rush of a last minute party, but very important. As long as you cover these 4 steps, your party will be great.

Happy New Year!

Lots of love,



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