What She Really Wants for Valentines Day

Stuck on what to get your significant other for Valentines day? It’s never to early to start picking up on clues.

I’m not the biggest fan of big gifts on this specific holiday. I think it is more meaningful to spend time with your loved one, and enjoy each others company. So, heres what I’ve got for you.

Gentlemen, get ready to have your work cut out for you.

Make it super personal.
Set up a dinner at your place. If you’re not the best cook, it’s okay to take out, but make sure to plate it as if it was homemade food. Set up the table nicely with your best china, flowers and some candles. Surround the room with lights, candles, flowers and maybe even balloons. Play some background music, dim the lights, and have her walk into the most romantic and thoughtful night she will ever have.

I promise you, this is a night neither of you will forget.

It’s important to understand that usually, all people want is to feel loved and to spend time with the ones they love.

Throw in a little dessert at the end and you’re set.

This way, you spend less money and avoid the craziness of the restaurants.

Win – Win.

Lots of love,



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