Natural-Ish Simple Makeup Look

Hi guys!

So today I wanted to talk about my typical “date night” makeup look. Sometimes I do like do go a little bolder, but I definitely gear towards this look much more.


What I really like to focus on is my skin. I like to make sure my skin looks as flawless as possible and focus on the blush, bronzer, highlight and contour. I think that spending the most time on the skin will make you look the most put together!

The picture came out a little blurrier then I hoped, but you can see that my eyes are very simple, nothing dramatic at all. What I did was use a sparkly nude colour all over the lid, and then a cool grey on the outer V, and that’s basically it.

I added a boat-load of mascara and the eyes were done!


I love wearing this look because it looks so effortless and really does not take much time! Throw a nude lip on and you’re good to go.

I hope this inspires your next “natural” make-up look!

Lots of love,



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